Happy Home Care, LLC provides respite services to relieve caregivers temporarily, while providing a safe living environment for the consumer. We provide supervision either in or outside of the home as well as support emotional, physical and mental well being of the consumer. While the consumer is in our care, we assist the consumer in utilizing transportation to support them in all daily living activities including day treatment and training, employment, medical appointments, visits with their families and friends, and other activities. Happy Home Care carries out any programs identified in the consumer’s ISP.

The objective is to meet the consumer’s need in the absence of the primary caregiver. Staffing needs are based on the individual needs and the individual being served.

Happy Home Care employees meet the State of Arizona requirements, have a valid finger print clearance card, and have completed all the DDD training requirements.


Happy Home Care center-based respite service provides short-term relief to the care provider/guardian. We offer fun, social and recreational activities in our DTT program center. This service is available at our DTT facility, Monday – Friday from 3p.m to 7p.m or Saturdays from 8a.m -7p.m.